About Academic

Intensive Hair Culture & Academy was established in year 2003 which has been recognised by JPK (Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran) Malaysia. Intensive Hair Culture & Academy provides intensive training and skills in order to train young hairstylists having interest in the field of hairdressing. Intensive Hair Culture & Academy provides the students with training which is in accordance with the government's policy, standards and requirements. Upon completion of the programme, students are entitled to the National Training Certificate SKM known as "Sijil Kemahiran
Malaysia" to be qualified as a professional hairstylist.

SKM Level 1
  • Safety practice
  • Practice Hygiene
  • Practice Hair Curl / Wave Styling
  • Practice Graduation Style Cutting
  • Practice ( One Length ) Hair Cut
  • Practice Layer Hair Cut ( Foundation Layer )
  • Practice Perming ( Permanent wave )
  • Practice Hair Colouring
SKM Level 2
  • Practice Client's Service Consultation
  • Analyse Hair and Scalp Condition
  • Practice Hair Braiding
  • Practice Hair Upstyle
  • Practice Combination Hair Cut
  • Analyse Hair and Scalp for perming ( Permanent Wave)
  • Practice Fashion Perming
  • Practice Hair Relaxing
  • Analyse Hair and Scalp Condition for colouring
  • Practice Hair Highlighting
  • Practice Hair Coloured Correction
  • Practice Hair and Scalp Treatment
  • Practice Hair and Scalp Maintenance Advise
  • Develop Salesmanship
SKM Level 3
  • Practice Creative Hair Styling
  • Practice Creative Hair Cut
  • Practice Creative Perming
  • Practice Creative Hair Colouring
  • Salon Management ( Control Stock Inventory )
  • Practice Supervisory function ( ensure work safety and housekeeping supervise salon work subordinates, execute subordinate work Appraisal, ensure Hygiene practice, ensure subordinate professional ethics and grooming, ensure client's satisfaction )